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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Transportation /Shipping Your Parcel

- 1-4 working can get you parcel (If there is no accident, the goods can be delivered to you safely within 1-4 working days)

- Order In 24 hour within send out (Working day)

Purchase and cancel order

-Customers have responsibility to check /follow up on their ordered stock(s) delivery status (Tracking Number)

-Our shop will not keep any customer’s purchase cart item , and purchase cart item(s) might be purchase by other customer.

Refund or Replacement

-All sales are final. Therefore please consider carefully before purchase, we can change size and replacement of the product.

-If you do not know the product details, feel free to enquire us by cocobbreadystock@gmail.com, We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Cloths / Product information

-We make efforts to show the most realistic modeling through real shot with their modeling as accurately as possible. Model display might possible slightly different with a computer or mobile phone screen device monitor display on color / brightness / other details.

-We will do our best to make each product’s measurements as accurate as possible. Please allow difference measurement 3-4M from the provision is due to the different of measuring instrument and production. Please take note on, these colored dye products may be not exactly the same tone due to batch dyeing production and it is not consider as defect or damage.

Precautions of defects or return

-Please clarify those omissions defect / damage as follows:

  • Slightly off-line or crochet
  • Rinse (Close , fade, shrink and other issues)
  • 2 cm below the destruction caused by dyeing
  • Differences  color in website images
  • The button hole or pocket hole did not open


-If  over the defect occurs, our company is willing to replace the same goods to customers or other items (non-refundable)

Thank you

-Customer claims must be made clear pictures with attachments defects caused display, including after receipt of ordered goods; it is not limited to those with shortages, quality or specifications. We can not be responsible for item damage caused by third parties; it is the customer's responsibilities to check on all delivered products are matching their orders.

-From COCO BB written authorization, any customer returned products have to get our determine in order to exchange for the new items, so that we have enough time to exchange for other goods.

-We will solve all your problems with the fastest efficiency.

Thank you for your support.





- 今日下单明天能发货 (工作日)都有发货 如无意外1 - 3天工作日可以安全送达您的商品给您.

- 24小时内 我们会发出您的包裹.(工作日)


- 客户有责任检查从他们的订单的状态(Tracking Number)订单的时间和状态发货的情况。在您的购物车中的商品一概不保留,和可能会被其他的顾客购买 。


- 所有销售都是最终决定。因此,购买前请慎重考虑。尺码不对我们允许更换尺码 (相同款式的商品)。

- 如果您不知道产品详情,请随时给我们一个询问{[email protected]}我们将会很乐意地回答你所有的问题。



- 我们作出努力通过实拍与自己造型尽可能准确地显示最真实的一面。有可能在颜色/亮度/其他细节上,演播室灯光和电脑或手机屏幕devie显示器的显示器一定的差异。

- 我们将会尽我们所能,做每一个产品的三围尽可能准确。请允许从规定的测量3 - ­4M的差异是由于不同的测量仪和批量生产。请注意,这些彩色染料产品可能是由于批次染色生产不完全相同的色调而不计为缺陷/损坏。





• 轻微脱线或钩针

• 冲(关闭,褪色,缩水等问题)

• 下面染色2厘米造成的破坏

• 颜色和网站图片的差别

• 按钮孔或兜孔没开

如有发生严重过以上以上缺陷 , 我们公司愿意更换新同样的物品给顾客或其它物品 






从COCO BB的书面授权,必须由客户的任何退货产品得到我们肯定让我们确定才能换取新的货品,所有退货必须在7日内发出货品 这样才让我们有足够的时间换取其他的货品,我们将会用最快的效率为您解决你所有的难题。